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Dr. Mike Goetsch firmly believes that you should live your life without limitations. Whether that is an old injury, current pain, or fear of hurting yourself being active all of these limit us in how active we can be. At Prototype Health, we want our patients to thrive and Dr. Goetsch utilizes his training in chiropractic medicine and sports medicine to help patients reach their full potential.

Dr. Mike was an athlete through high school and college and it wasn't till his sophomore year playing college basketball that he had his first run in with a chiropractor.

He took a hard fall in a game leaving his low back unable to move due to the immense amount of pain. His dad, also his coach, got him in to the local chiropractor and within a matter of 2 weeks had him back on the court pain-free! This sparked Dr. Mike's interest in helping people because he saw how effective it was in getting him living without a limitation.

Dr. Mike Goetsch went to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL and received high honors in clinical rotation and graduated with academic honors. Dr. Goetsch pursued many post-doctorate trainings in sports medicine and conservative pain management to help patients with a broad range of needs in his office.
After graduation, Dr. Mike trained with the largest clinic in the Panhandle of Florida as their chief resident. Learning the clinical aspect of care, but also the relationship aspect of care became invaluable for him as he ventured into clinical practice.

After completing his required residency, Dr. Mike began treating patients of his own which he has been doing for 2 years now. He believes it is now time for him to begin his own practice and making a difference in more patient's lives.

Prototype Health is Dr. Mike's dream coming to reality from his book that he wrote called Thr Future of Chiropractic Business. Prototype Health's overarching goal is to raise the standard of care in the chiropractic profession and we do that through innovative care strategies to help patients heal faster and a new fee for results business model that will revolutionize how patients affordable pay for healthcare.


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